Friday, October 12, 2012

either i need some patience or i'm ready for the big chop

today i washed my hair with conditioner.  as i was unraveling the 1 week old twists, i suddenly had a massive urge to put the scissor to my hair immediately ~X( at wits' end.  i slicked it back with the conditioner and thought hmmm maybe a twa isn't so bad.  bottom line is, the style in which i want to cut my hair in, i can't until all the hair is unlocked.  i've ran out of patience :-(||> give up.  also the 2 texture hair is very difficult to deal with.  the detangling is a bitch:(fight) fight.  once i get it done, it will still need cutting because of the straggly ends.  i can hardly manage 1 lock a day if that much.  it is overwhelming and not fun:-&lt sigh.  you know how i feel about having fun or making things easy for living?  moreover, when i start working, i will never have time to unravel anything.  the most likely probability is that i would end up simply growing it out.  that i can definitely manage :)) laughing. but it will be a big 'ol ball of bongo natty each time i have to wash it =)) rolling on the floor.  and who can wait that long? so now how do i find someone to cut it without making it look masculine :-? thinking

i would like to start over with my hair.  coming out of long hair for so many years, i would like a totally new, chic look.  i just want to be free of these sisterlocks pronto. 


CaribSun said...

Hang in there my friend. If you are going to cut your hair, make sure that you make that decision rationally when you are well rested, and not in a fit of pique. You will be less likely to regret your decision.

LE said...

Hello, I just took my sisterlocks out about a month ago. It took me a week with the help of my sister. My hair was not as long as yours (it was a couple of inches past my shoulders and of note my hair was locked for close to 3 years. My hair texture is so thick that it took no time for my hair to lock) but I will say what helped is that I cut a couple of inches off from the ends. I never had my hair trimmed and the ends were already damaged from me coloring my hair. After doing that, it made it a lot easier to unravel. I didn't lose as much hair and I still have enough length (stretches to half of my face in the front and to my shoulder in the back). Once your hair is loose and you thoroughly wash, detangle and deep condition it, overall the texture feels MUCH better. Your entire head will be soft and moisturized. Also, if you decide to cut the ends, cut at an angle. My sister and I started to get restless and bat crazy and didn't really have a method to cutting nor thought about the way we were cutting my hair. Now I have to get my hair trimmed in stages or get a significant amount chopped off which I am not willing to do. Sorry this post is so long. I hope this helps. Take care.

Free P. said...

Hi Idol :) I understand I'm already at year 5. I still love my SL but am quickly becoming bored with the look. I'm not talented as you and the other bloggers are with styling so it's pretty much down all the time. Would u post the pic of the style u are taking down/ out your SL for? I want to see the look and please post ur nu do! Oh and plz don't close ur blog. Your pics still give me random ideas...

Paula Malimba said...

Hey Audrey,

You haven't posted any updates in a long while and I was wondering how you were doing.
So how is the herculean task of taking your locs down coming along? is it safe to think that you're done now?



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